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That new car could be within reach with a GE Money Car Loan

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Car loans

Thinking about buying a new or used car? With a GE Money Car Loan, it could be within your reach.

We'll help you work out repayments to suit your budget, and you can spread the repayments to make things more manageable. You can even get a pre-approved offer, so you can go car shopping knowing exactly how much you have to spend.

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Credit and lending criteria and fees apply. Acceptable vehicle security with a minimum $5,000 value is required. GE Money Personal Loans are provuded by Latitude Financial Services Limited.

Security requirementsShow more

The vehicle serves as security for the loan and therefore must be comprehensively insured throughout the term of the loan. Minimum security value of $5,000 is required. The vehicle must also have a current Warrant of Fitness and registration at the time of purchase and the applicant must hold a valid full or restricted NZ Driver Licence.

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Applying is straightforward

1. Begin with a budget

Before you do anything, decide how much you want to spend on a new car – and how much you’ll need to borrow. Then give us a call or apply online and we’ll work something out.

2. Repayments to suit

The repayment amounts are tailored to suit, and the interest rate is fixed for the life of the car loan. We offer flexibility so you can choose how long the loan lasts (up to a maximum of seven years) as well as the repayment frequency.

3. Apply for your car loan

You can apply for a GE Money car loan online here or by phone.

4. Buy your car

Once you’ve applied for your GE Money car loan and if you have pre-approval in advance, you’re good to go. Your pre-approval is valid for up to 60 days, so you have time to shop around if you haven't already found the car you're looking for. Remember, the vehicle must meet GE Money's security requirements.

Call us on 0800 55 55 33.

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Rates and feesShow more

Interest Rates

At GE Money we're up front about our fees and charges, so that there are no surprises.

Interest Type

The interest rate will vary depending on a number of factors including the amount borrowed, term of loan, credit rating and security offered. Interest rates range from 12.99% to 29.99%. The interest rate and repayment amount remain the same for the term of the loan.

Rates and fees

Description Fee
Establishment Fee
A one off fee for establishing your account
Early Termination Fee
Applied if your loan is paid in full before the end of the loan term
Payment Handling Fee
Payment handling fee for over the counter payments at PostShop branches
Late Payment Fee
This applies if you don't pay the full monthly repayment amount by the due date.

Rates and fees are effective as of 24 November 2014 and are subject to change.

How can I avoid paying late fees?

Our preferred payment method is Direct Debit. As well as saving you time, it will also help you to avoid fees from missed or late payments.

  • Make sure you have sufficient funds in your account so all direct debits and other scheduled payments can be made.
  • If there is a change in your circumstances which could affect your repayments, call us on 0800 422 898 to discuss possible options.
  • You can also make additional repayments so you pay off your loan sooner and save on interest1
  1. A $10 early termination fee applies.

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